Microsoft OneDrive Free Storage Cuts; 15 GB to 5 GB Causes Customers Backlash


Microsoft has made an official announcement to reduce free storage capacity of its OneDrive, from 15 GB to 5 GB. The microprocessor company said that the decision was difficult to make and would affect its global users.

An email notification sent to OneDrive holders stated that the upcoming changes will take effect on July 27. It also mentioned about 15 GB camera roll bonus being discontinued. Microsoft made an apology for the inconvenience especially for the cloud storage free accounts and non paid services as they will be the ones affected with the changes.

The free storage is shifting to a paid service, requiring customers to purchase 50 GB of storage for $1.99.

On the space reduction, Microsoft said that it is for the sustainability of the software operated. Techworm listed some of the surprises the company has made so far. In November 2015, Microsoft removed the unlimited storage in OneDrive. The huge backlash was then compensated by the giant tech by offering options for those wanting to retain the free storage.

According to the GSM Arena, Microsoft was reconsidering the plan back in January 31 where users were notified for free allotment of 15 GB + 15 GB, only if they clicked 'Keep your free storage'. With that being said, those who did not make any action could possibly not be getting any space larger than 5 GB. Microsoft did make another promise for Office 365 subscribers, allowing them to transfer data in a given time albeit going ahead with the reduction plan.

Tracking back on related issue, Microsoft has also made another promise on Xbox 360 discontinued by stating that it will be kept updated for the users.

The file hosting service slashing on its free storage has been known to trigger massive turned down by users after the company promised to give unlimited access at no additional cost to OneDrive's users in 2014.

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