Washington Uni Student Develops A Mobile App To Fix Potholes


Temo Ojeda developed an app that would bridge the citizens of Cuernavaca and the authority after seeing potholes unreported.

Xopan is a mobile app created by Ojeda and his fellows due to his concern on road infrastructure in his hometown. According to the student, the problem on these potholes is mainly because the government isn't informed by the people and the citizens don't have a place to report either.

Explaining further about Xopan, the startup enthusiast said that before it was born, there was no place that can facilitate the people on reporting bumpy roads. This new medium for communication helps the public to have accessible path that would generate immediate response from the government.

How does it work?

According to the Xopan app description, a citizen can report a complaint through the app, take a picture and send it to the local officials for further inspection. The response is in real time, allowing better coordination at both ends.

The report can be about anything from potholes, leaks, dysfunction traffic lights, and any other infrastructure-related problems. Furthermore, citizens can also 'keep an eye' on the officials on social network to check if the issue is settled. The app features saving-mode for drivers who want to file a report later.

The University of Washington student is one of the many tech-savvy who received the Leonard and Bernice Lavin Entrepreneurial Action Program - a center focusing on supporting students like Ojeda in term of finding capitals and networks.

The program allows Ojeda to meet mentors, innovation enthusiasts and companies whom he has sent his resumes to. He wishes to have an internship in one of the startup companies such as Startup Hall.

According to Ojeda, technology has been the easiest way to create something for the communities especially for the poor. Inspired by his road trip to grandparent's home in Acatlan, Guerrerro - he wants to give something bigger for the society with his meaningful ideas that could make a different.

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