Facebook will use AI to detect users with suicidal thoughts and prevent suicide


Facebook has announced that it will expand its anti-suicide program worldwide.

The program searches all content such as posted articles, videos, and Facebook live streaming in real-time with AI technology, alerting users or notifying friends when suicidal thoughts or suspicious behaviors are detected. In addition, suicide prevention organizations in the region can also send danger signs. Along with this, users can notify the risk of the user who is viewing the message by clicking the sort button such as 'suicide or self-harm' or 'violence' through the function of reporting the viewer.

In a word, if a post with a suicidal impulse pattern appears, a friend or organization that can help it will be notified immediately to prevent suicide. This means that the danger signs can be read at a much faster rate than a human can judge.

The 'Life Saving AI' has been pilot tested only in text posts in the US since March.

"Over the last month, AI software has made more than 100 preemptive safety checks," said Gui Rosen, vice president of product management at Facebook. "In some cases, He said. "Speed ​​is life in dangerous situations," he added.

In the United States, more than 80 organizations, including the suicide prevention lifeline, are participating in Facebook's suicide prevention program.

With the exception of the European Union, which strictly restricts individuals' access to data privacy, it is possible to use this suicide prevention software from around the world today.

Facebook has been criticized for people committing suicide has been broadcast ed via Facebook Live and Facebook have promised to tackle this issue and prevent it.

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