Solar System

Astronomers Discover GJ 1132b Planet With Earth-like Atmosphere [VIDEO]

Apr 07, 2017 AM EDT The Earth-like planter, GJ 1132b was discovered using the GROND imager telescope at the European Southern Observatory in Chile.

NASA’s New Discovery Of Habitable Planets To Be Announced In Wednesday PressCon

Feb 21, 2017 AM EST NASA is going to announce news on discovery beyond the solar system in a Wednesday press conference.

Database Of Stars Released Allows Discovery Of Exoplanets Using Laptop [Video]

Feb 16, 2017 AM EST Alien planet hunting can now be done from the home with the use of a laptop runningh the HIRES software. Ordinary people will have the chance to make a discovery.

NASA Announces Plans To Study The Early Solar System By 2020s

Jan 10, 2017 AM EST NASA will be sending two spacecrafts to Jupiter and a metal asteroid.

Pluto’s ‘Heart’: A Big, Cold, Deep and Slushy Ocean

Dec 05, 2016 AM EST Data from New Horizons’ flyby made scientists believe the ‘heart’ is an ocean humans won’t be able to swim in.

Oracle's d.Tech High School Modeled After An Ivy League University

Nov 02, 2016 PM EDT Oracle introduces, a high school which focuses more on allowing students study at their own pace and encouraging them to find solutions by themselves

Tilting Of Our Solar System Is Caused By Mysterious Planet 9, The Academics Of Space Science Reveals [VIDEO]

Oct 27, 2016 PM EDT The mysterious Planet 9 may be responsible for the tilting spin of the sun and the solar system. Space science reveals the enormous size of the planet and the reason why it could be the most probable ...

Latest Updates on Jupiter Exploration: First Up-Close Look at the Mighty Giant Planet

Aug 07, 2016 AM EDT For the first time, since its launching in August 2015, Juno mission has finally arrived in Jupiter taking up-close look at the might giant.

NASA Captures Images Of A Comet Hitting The Sun At A Million Miles An Hour [VIDEO]

Aug 06, 2016 AM EDT NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, also known as SOHO, captured a series of images of a comet hitting the Sun at a speed of just above a million miles per hour.

NASA: The Universe Has Become More Habitable, Earth-Like Planets with Alien Life Discovered

Aug 05, 2016 AM EDT 20 earth-like exoplanets outside of the solar system has been discovered accommodating alien life.

NASA Juno Survives First Travel Through Jupiter’s Extreme Orbit Radiation; Shows First Image As Proof [VIDEO]

Jul 15, 2016 AM EDT NASA’s Juno spacecraft has successfully passed through the extreme radiation of Jupiter orbit on July 4. The proof to this successful entry to the largest planet in the solar system is the image ...

NASA Funded MIT Research Team Finds Out Co-Relations Of Mercury To Rare Meteorite; Traces Billion Year-Origin

Jul 06, 2016 AM EDT NASA-funded research team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) traces evidence that shows planet has cooled dramatically in half a billion years leading to the discovery of Mercury’s ...

Planet Nine Origin Gets Weirder; Aliens Possibly Drag It Near Solar System? [SPECULATION]

May 05, 2016 AM EDT Planet Nine remains a mystery in even though scientist have already presented massive evidence to prove that it has an elliptical orbit 10 times farther than Pluto’s distance from the Sun. Some ...

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