NASA’s New Discovery Of Habitable Planets To Be Announced In Wednesday PressCon


NASA will hold a Wednesday press conference to announce a new discovery. The discovery is described to be beyond our own solar system.

Those attending the NASA press conference this Wednesday speculate that this involves the discovery of planets that can sustain human life. However, NASA did not provide such details. Instead, the presentation is reportedly going to feature exoplanets.

Exoplanets are planets that orbit a star, other than the Sun. Astronomers have been studying these planets to figure out if life can exist beyond the solar system, as reported by Telegraph. NASA has recorded dozens of exoplanets that have similar distances like the the Earth has to the Sun.

It is not clear if NASA is going to expose knowledge of new habitable planets. But during an earlier press conference, the space agency announced discovery of over a thousand planets. Nine of those are found to be habitable.

According to Paul Hertz, the NASA director of the Astrophysics Division, says that man questions if he is indeed alone in the universe. Hertz explains that looking at exoplanets can help answer that question.

But many still feel that NASA's announcement and Hertz's statement is a tad cryptic, as reported by Daily Star. Reports speculate that NASA is going to feature planets that could harbour alien life.

While NASA is busy looking to the universe for answers, geniuses like Elon Musk are busy building rockets that can bring mankind to the Moon and Mars, commercially, one day. Especially that he is looking at Mars to become a place of residence for humans. With SpaceX pushing for a 2020 Mars Mission and leading rockets to orbit and send supplies to the Moon, Musk has his hands full.

Watch out for NASA's press conference which will happen at 1:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday on NASA's TV station and official website.

In the meantime, watch the NASA clip below where SpaceX Launches tenth cargo mission to the International Space Station:

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