Tilting Of Our Solar System Is Caused By Mysterious Planet 9, The Academics Of Space Science Reveals [VIDEO]


Scientists are yet to discover the main agent for causing the tilting of our solar system through the sun. This movement was believed to be caused by a mysterious planet called the Planet 9. All hands down to Space Science and its academics, the extraterrestrial phenomenon his being thoroughly monitored and thus, the tilting process explained in details.

The mystery of the tilting sun has baffled scientists on record. To start off, scientists have long been aware that the sun's spin is notably six degrees off-vertical. For long, scientists sought to find the answer why the sun, as well as our solar system, spins the way it does, Seeker reported.

For the record, the "Planet 9" theory was first introduced by researchers Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown in January. The researchers thought that it would be a reasonable move to observe the movement of the 9th planet, a less-observed entity beyond Neptune.

As per record made by the researchers, the 9th planet may have potential characteristics brave enough to tilt the entire weight of the solar system, except the sun. The scientific community was right to take the researchers' suggestion by heart for by the following observational episodes; the mysterious planet 9 was calculated to be of a massive gravitational mass.

The academics of space science were also handy in solidifying the calculations made by researchers Batygin and Brown. It was through the faculties of space science that the enormity of planet 9 was measured in full and the suggestions that the enormous weight of the planet may have caused it to go off-balance, dragging along the solar system, was essentially proven. Respectively, the calculations made by the researchers were presented at the annual meeting planetary scientists of the American Astronomical Society, Nature World News reported.

"Because Planet Nine is so massive and has an orbit tilted compared to the other planets, the solar system has no choice but to slowly twist out of alignment", Elizabeth Bailey, a graduate student at Caltech, said in Phys.Org.

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