Pokemon Go

'Pokemon GO Plus' Android Issues, Accessory, Android and iOS apps [UPDATE]

Sep 20, 2016 AM EDT 'Pokemon GO Plus' releases accessory, but has some issue on Android? Read the full report.

Pokemon GO, Augmented Reality, and Education: Innovation in Learning

Sep 18, 2016 AM EDT Augmented reality holds a lot of potential in making learning more innovative and interesting. Some projects have been tested to see how students benefit from AR.

'Pokemon GO' Cheat, No Jailbreak: Player Shows A Working Hack after Update, Not Getting Banned - Better Than Teleporting Method

Sep 17, 2016 AM EDT There is a new update on "Pokemon GO" cheat that won't get you banned. Here's one of them!

‘Pokemon Go’ Update: New Pokemons Will Be Released After The Global Launch Ends

Sep 15, 2016 AM EDT While many "Pokemon Go" players have been waiting to see new creatures in the field, they would have to wait since Niantic wopuld prioritize the global release of the game. The CEO of Niantic Labs ...

Apple News: iPhone 7 Improved Camera; 'Pokemon GO' on Apple Watch; and All Things Removed from The Phone [WATCH]

Sep 07, 2016 PM EDT Here's all info to confirm the rumors and get you sad. Apple just unveiled the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus on September 7th.

'Pokemon Go 2' Gameplay, Release News: Eevee Evolutions Umbreon, Espeon For 25 Candies; 'Harry Potter GO' 'Destiny Pokemon Go' Trailers Faux

Sep 07, 2016 AM EDT “Pokemon Go” is all set to for a change with imminent release of the “Pokemon Go 2” game. The latest game adds new characters like Umbreon with top CP of 1938 and Espereon with a maximum CP of ...

'Pokemon Go' Vs Rio Olympics 2016: Pokemon Interferes With Olympic Fame

Aug 17, 2016 AM EDT Pokemon Go and Rio Olympics 2016, an accidental fame rivalry.

This ‘Pokemon GO’ Cheat for iOS, Android is Players’ Most Favorite Tracking App to Replace The Fading PokeVision Tracker

Aug 15, 2016 AM EDT Niantic is serious with its word - shutting down bots and GPS spoofing apps from third party but the hackers are seriously finding ways to tackle that

2016 Rio Olympics Lags Behind 'Pokemon Go' In Terms Of Popularity Among Some Young Brazilians; Here’s Why!

Aug 15, 2016 AM EDT If you're an avid fan of the 2016 Rio Olympics, brace yourself! Niantic Labs' augmented reality mobile game, "Pokemon Go" is giving the Olympics a stiff competition for most popular game among quite a ...

'Pokémon GO' Becomes A Physical Education Class

Aug 14, 2016 AM EDT Students at Fresno City College can now play "Pokémon GO" to earn school credit.

Watch Trailer: 'Pokemon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel' 2016 Movie

Aug 11, 2016 AM EDT The Pokémon legend is back to the spotlight again because of the success of the augmented reality app, "Pokémon Go". The upcoming release of the "Pokémon Sun" and "Pokémon Sun", also marks the ...

No 'Pokemon GO' in Iran: Authorities Ban AR Game over Security Issue; Who's Next?

Aug 08, 2016 PM EDT Iran becomes the first country to ban the popular AR game, "Pokemon GO".

Rio Olympics 2016 News & Upate: 'Pokemon Go' Is Now Available In Brazil[VIDEO]

Aug 05, 2016 AM EDT 'Pokemon Go' is now available in Brazil before the Rio Olympics starts. Read the full details.

MIT Researchers Create A Technique Beyond AR: The Future of Gaming could Rely on This Tech!

Aug 05, 2016 AM EDT MIT researchers have been working on something beyond AR.

Pokemon Go: College Sport Or Major Part Of Curriculum In Schools?

Aug 03, 2016 AM EDT Hunting for Pokemon looks like it will become a sport and major in Physical Education.

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