‘Pokemon Go’ To Hold Special Thanksgiving XP Event; Is The Game Losing Steam?


It is safe to say that this year marked another milestone in the mobile gaming history because of the release of “Pokemon Go.”

The all-time favorite franchise was one of the biggest investment of Niantic Labs in cooperation with Google’s geo-mapping technology. Released on July 6 this year, the Augmented Reality game allows gamers to capture “Pokemon” monsters through their mobile phones and other devices in the “real world” locations.

During its first three months after release, the “Got to Catch ‘em all” tagline has thrilled millions of fans in allover 100 countries worldwide. Using its Augmented Reality servers, “Pokemon Go” stormed all kinds of ground breaking records in the gaming industry.

The AR game has reached over $600 million in In App Purchase (IAP) revenue and declared the fastest earner in the gaming history. According to Apple, there are over 550 million installs as for the first three months. Even social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have noticed that there has been more time spending of people in “Pokemon Go” than the other gaming supports.

“Pokemon Go” has also led for people to frequently visit important places such as some churches, museums, and other national parks or even local malls for “Pokestops.” There are also constant meeting of new friends and meet-ups of the different “Pokemon Go Teams” such as Valor, Mystic and Instinct.

But almost in a flick of instance, the fame of “Pokemon Go” suddenly toned down. Some researchers have found out over 30 percent of daily engagement of users is declining. What might be the reason behind the mystery of the “Pokemon Go’s” sudden fall?

Forbes’ contributor Elad Natanson took some parts of the issue. Firstly, according to him, there have been a lot of technical issues and some gameplay glitches or server difficulties that have been pretty obvious to most of the players. He also stated that Niantic seemed to choose to release the game in a “half-baked state” and more simplistic.

But ultimately, there is a great lack in “Pokemon Go” as far as the content is concerned. The game has little of engaging features and only centers about collecting all Pokemon monsters leaving other features such as trading and battling of monsters which should have been essentially important factors in the Pokemon world.

So as long as Niantic has still no big news for any major updates for the game, or cooler and more engaging features, “Pokemon Go” might still fall short and keep on drifting behind from the list. However, the company is still creating big events for the avid players to get pretty decent perks. After their Halloween Event, Niantic has announced that “Pokemon Go” would have a “Special Thanksgiving XP Event”

In an announcement, Niantic said “We are humbled that hundreds of millions of you around the world have joined us on this journey. So, we would like to say thank you – and what better way to say thank you than to celebrate our community.”

On November 23-30, 2016, players will get a double amount of XP and Stardust after completing in-game actions.

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