Pokemon Go New Tracker Rolls Out For US, Europe Players But May Ruin Game? Christmas Event Features Baby Pikachu


Pokemon Go nearby tracker has been just been rolled out both in the U.S. and Europe. While this new tracker can help the players track down the nearby Pokemon, there are already major issues confronting the said feature.

The Pokemon Go game used to have a similar feature that allows the players to track down and hunt for the nearby Pokemon. But due to the massive server load that occurred after Pokemon Go was released, the three-step tracker was removed. Given such, only a few areas had been able to access the new tracker that relies on the Pokestops that tells there is a nearby Pokemon.

Pokemon Go new tracker works by informing the player if there is a nearby PokeStop, and the player has an option to select and see the exact location. However, there have reported cases in which the new Pokemon Go tracker does not inform the player if there is a nearby Pokemon. Nevertheless, Niantic went ahead with the rollout, with assurance that feedback from the players will be given much attention to.

Although for some Pokemon Go players, the tracker was never the solution that most of them had wanted. Rural players believe that the new Pokemon Go feature works much worse that the broken system, Attack of the Fanboy reported.

Meanwhile, Pokémon Go is reported to hold a Christmas event on Dec. 25, wherein Niantic is believed to launch "Gen 2" Pokemon like Pichu, Umbreaon, Baby Pikachu, Espeon, Blissey and Slowking. Meantime, the company provided new Pokemon and provided in-game bonuses during the previous holiday-themed events.

Pokemon Go latest speculations also revealed that players should begin collecting Pidgey Pokemon, given the fact that it is the Tiny Bird Pokemon that the recently released Ditto pretends to be and the most effective source of XP in the entire Pokemon Go universe, Mic reported. Watch POKEMON GO - THE NEW TRACKER AND HOW IT WORKS!

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