‘Pokemon GO’ Second Generation Release Date: New Set of Pokemon Released in December with Improved Nearby Tracking System? [VIDEO]


There's two good news for "Pokemon GO" players out there. First, the release date of second generation Pokemons have been accidentally revealed by a popular coffee shop employee and second, Niantic is likely to bring back the nearby tracking system with enhanced features. Read more details here!

"Pokemon GO" Second Generation release date

Nobody can ever tell about the next move of "Pokemon GO" developer Niantic regarding the second generation Pokemon except from the fact that the company will release an additional 100 pocket monsters for an unknown date. However, according to iDigital Times, the release date of second generation might have been spilled off by a Starbucks employee in his Reddit account.

 According to the report, the Redditor has posted an alleged internal memo from the popular coffee shop stating about the marketing campaig they are about to launch during the release of second generation Pokemons in December 7. But the account appears unverified, thus, "Pokemon GO" players are advised to calm down.

Aside from the fact that the Reddit account is unverified, Niantic has not released an official announcement regarding the matter. As a matter of fact, the company has just kicked off the "Pokemon GO Thanksgiving Event" which will commenced in November 30.

"Pokemon GO" Nearby Tracking System Updates

As the released of second generation Pokemons is anticipated in the second week of December, Niantic is also likely to rolloun the improved nearby tracking system globally. It can be recalled that the company has already released the tracking system in the following countries: United States of America (all states except Hawaii and Alaska, Canada and all states and territories in Australia, Techno Buffalo reported.

However, the said nearby tracking system is reportedly screwing the "Pokemon GO" players in the rural areas because they only have limited access to the PokeStops and the only way they can use the in-app tracker is to be near the Pokemons. Niantic is expected to improved the nearby tracking system through doing some enhancements. 

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