Top 4 Best Augmented Reality Games To Play Aside From ‘Pokemon’ Go [VIDEO]


Augmented reality games are fun to play since it lets reality play its part too, like "Pokemon Go" where it uses certain locations for its features. For mobile gamers who want to try out other AR games, here are the top 4 best ones they can download right now.

4. "Clandestine: Anomaly"

According to the official website of iTunes, "Clandestine: Anomaly" is a shoot-'em-up AR game, which lets players follow a story and turn their surroundings into a battleground. They will fight aliens, use crazy weapons, and uncover the true threat of the world. It will cost them $3.99 on iOS, but on Android it is free to download.

3. "Star Walk"

"Star Walk" is an interactive stargazing guide for those who love the stars and space, and it will cost them $2.99 on iOS and Android. This will help players identify all of the different celestial bodies during night time. It also allows them to fast-forward or rewind where and when they can see these heavenly bodies.

2. "Zombies, Run!"

In "Zombies, Run!," players will have to run away from zombies that chase the players while they run around the city. This AR game uses the location data to transform a jogger's usual job into something that would motivate them to run away from zombies and defeat them in virtual reality.

A narrator will warn the player if the zombies are getting nearer, while their groans will notify them if they are getting near the user or not. This AR game will not cost anything on iOS and Android.

1. "Ingress"

According to the official website of Google Play, "Ingress" is another AR game made by Niantic, Inc., who also made of "Pokemon Go." This is a massively multiplayer location-based game where players will have to fight to control areas that have portals in it.

These portals are real-life locations around the world that are often points of interest in a city or town. This AR game is free to download on iOS and Android.

Check out "Ingress" It's Time To Move video below:

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