‘Pokemon Go’ Upcoming New Grass Event Takes Players Outdoors [VIDEO]


The new grass event for "Pokemon Go" make all grass-type Pokemons more common to appear in the game. This new, big outdoor event will start this weekend, and this will be the start of many more outdoor events in the future.

"Pokemon Go" Grass Event Starts On May 5

Game developer Niantic has recently announced that their latest "Pokemon Go" event will start this weekend starting in the afternoon on May 5. The new grass event will be called the Worldwide Bloom and will run for the weekend and will finish on May 9. There will be higher chances of finding as many grass type Pokemon as possible with the help of the Lure Modules that will last for six hours over the course of the weekend, IGN reported.

Earlier this year, the game developers hinted that a rare Pokemon made an appearance at the water event. This time around, they did not give any hints about that, but they encouraged players to share their findings on social media outlets.

"Pokemon Go" Grass Event Grass Type Pokemon To Catch

During this grass event, "Pokemon Go" players will be able to catch a lot of grass type Pokemons. They will be able to catch Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokemons, which will have a higher chance of appearing. Some of these grass type Pokemons are Bulbasaur, Oddish, Gloom, Parasect, Bellsprout, and many more, Forbes reported.

"Pokemon Go" Grass Event Makes Players Go Outside Again

With the announcement of the new grass event, Niantic wants their players to enjoy the summer with "Pokemon Go." They have also partnered with the Knight Foundation, which is a national organization focused on civic engagement for a community-based initiative. Their aim right now is getting the players outdoors and collect Pokemon together with the community, Polygon reported.

These new events will happen in different cities across the US, and it will start in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 7. They are planning to have the players explore their cities to search for PokeStops, which will be physically marked along a set route. The gym locations will also be highlighted on an official map that will allow players to follow as they search for Pokemon, and let them learn more about their city.

Check out the "Pokemon Go" video below:

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