'Pokemon Go' Braces For Gen 2 Pokemon Invasions; Will It Bring 10M Audience Back To Play The Game?

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Niantic is making fans' search for Johto Pokemon easier as it recently began appearing in the wilds in "Pokemon Go" without the hassle of hatching eggs. The invasion of Johto or Gen 2 Pokemon is seen to lure back 10M audience to play back the game.

"Pokemon Go" became the dominant game on both iOS and Android, one that fits to be placed for history books but it lost its 10 million players in just a matter of two months. The announcement of the official Pokemon Trainer Club Newsletter that the Johto region Pokemons will finally be released to the wilds in "Pokemon Go" hopes to lure back these players.

It was previously reported that the Johto region where Pokemon Gold and Silver take place would be available through eggs, Android Police reported. The sudden change of immediately giving the creatures instead of just its eggs made loyal fans ecstatic.

The report did not state which creatures would be available in the wild but both Pichu and Togepi might be the catch as they are visible in the image sent out by the company. It can be recalled that "Pokemon Go" has a rapid success immediately following its release but it has also been successful of diminishing its audience that quick.

Game critics believe that player's interest faded because "Pokemon Go" fundamentally does not have an endgame no matter how many Pokemon one has or what level, Forbes reported. There is not much to do but collecting Pokemons.

According to the source, the true endgame "Pokemon Go" has right now is catching them all. The release of Gen 2 is projected to be just another new activity and does not have true endgame content.

Reports cited that it will settle back exactly on the same pattern the game is experiencing now unless it will give player versus player challenges, NPC or Non-player character battles, and quest for legendaries. These are core factors that can can bring the 10 million players back to play "Pokemon Go."

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