Niantic Releases ‘Pokemon Go’ In South Korea Despite Google Map Issues


The "Pokemon Go" craze has finally landed in South Korea despite the challenges that Niantic had to face. Being the fourth biggest gaming market, Niantic had to manage to bring the game in the country. The "Pokemon Go" team did not give up even when faced with difficulties as they know very well that many "Pokemon" fans have been waiting for the "Pokemon Go."

Many "Pokemon" fans are now happy that the "Pokemon Go" has finally arrived in their country. Many fans of the Niantic game used to go to the city that is near the North Korean border just to play the game. The release of "Pokemon Go" in South Korea was delayed due to the issues with Google Map.

As everyone knows, the "Pokemon Go" is played using the Google map and so without it or with any restrictions, playing is not possible which is why Niantic was not able to launch the game right away. The country is restricting its citizens to use the application, Reuters reported. However, Niantic successfully worked around the toughest challenge but did not mention how they made the impossible to become possible.

The game may have been successfully launched in South Korea and in other countries but note that there are some factors that may affect the performance of the "Pokemon Go," ARS Technica reported.  

  • Encountered problems with some of the open source libraries that were never anticipated
  • Problems with the cloud infrastructure
  • Issues with the networking stack
  • Variations on the mobile service provider, as the mobile carriers have a varied approach in marketing products. The free access that is being offered to players had caused Niantic to switch the users on and off.

Despite these issues, Niantic and the "Pokemon Go" is working so hard to address them properly and come up with an appropriate fix and to maximize the performance.

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