‘Burning Sands’ Sheds Light On Fraternity Hazing

Mar 26, 2017 AM EDT Netflix new film, "Burning Sands," takes a fictionalized look at fraternity hazing in historically black colleges.

TWC Sued Because of League of Legends? Plus New Lessons from LoL UK Players

Feb 11, 2017 PM EST New York attorney general Eric T. Schneiderman filed a lawsuit against Time Warner Cable for misleading its customers about its internet speed. The lawyer is seeking damage on behalf of the consumers ...

‘A Different World’ Actors Push For More African American Students In HBCUs

Feb 10, 2017 AM EST “A Different World” stars go on college campus tours to push for the importance of higher education.

Google Home Exposes High Security Risks Albeit Being Helpful To Owners Who Are Forgetful

Jan 30, 2017 AM EST Google Home sure is extending a helpful ear to owners who are excessively forgetful but it also exposes high security risks to its masters and mistresses. Albeit being reviewed as wildly intelligent ...

Hulu To Get Serious About Netflix's Competition, To Offer New Features In The Few Months

Jan 21, 2017 AM EST Hulu will offer offline access to videos in a few months.

‘Making A Murderer’ Update: S2 To Include New Conversations With Avery, New Evidences &Tests, Ken Kratz’s Possible Appearance

Jan 12, 2017 AM EST Following an overwhelming success of "Making A Murderer" season one, showrunners Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi has announced their interest to make another season for the docuseries that revolves ...

‘Magic School Bus’ On Netflix Want To Teach STEM [VIDEO]

Jan 07, 2017 AM EST “The Magic School Bus” is coming back and will teach the new generations about STEM.

Amazon CES 2017: Amazon Fire TV -- Amazon's Next Big Weapon In Home Invasion

Jan 05, 2017 AM EST Step aside Roku TV because Amazon Fire TV is coming to the living room. Amazon Fire TV along with the ubiquitous Alexa voice remote will soon operate inside TVs. But unlike any other players out ...

Barack Obama’s College Years: ‘Wildly Pretentious’

Dec 27, 2016 AM EST President Barack Obama attended Columbia University with a degree in Political Science.

Apple TV's New 'TV' App Useless Without Cable Login? [Video]

Dec 16, 2016 AM EST Apple rolled out its new TV application this month that is simply called "TV." The new application offers Apple TV, iPhone and iPad users a single destination to access TV shows and movies across all ...

‘Sense8’ Gets Christmas Special Soon; Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed [VIDEO]

Dec 14, 2016 AM EST "Sense8" will be getting a Christmas special soon on Netflix. The Season 2 premiere date has also been revealed.

The Future Of VR Isn't Sony PlayStation VR Games, It's This... [Video]

Dec 07, 2016 AM EST VR gaming might not be the ticket for any VR producing company to set focus on to soar to greater heights.

Netflix 4K Is Coming To PCs But You Won’t Be Able To Watch It - Here's Why [Video]

Nov 23, 2016 AM EST Netflix is streaming 4K content that is limited to Ultra HD TVs, displays, and set-top boxes, it may soon stream 4K to PCs, but you may not be able to.

Barack Obama's Time At Columbia University Featured In Netflix Film 'Barry'

Nov 22, 2016 AM EST Another film about Barack Obama's life will premiere on Netflix next month.

‘House Of Cards’ Season 5: Netflix Show To Feature New Characters and Donald Trump?; Key Characters to Die [Video]

Nov 21, 2016 AM EST The Netflix drama, "House of Cards" have fans speculating more than the just concluded presidential elections earlier this month. The first rumors are the loss of characters in the show.

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