TWC Sued Because of League of Legends? Plus New Lessons from LoL UK Players


New York attorney general Eric T. Schneiderman filed a lawsuit against Time Warner Cable for misleading its customers about its internet speed. The lawyer is seeking damage on behalf of the consumers whose internet speed is slower than what was advertised. The company is accused of bottlenecking internet speed greatly affecting companies like Netflix and Riot, whose flagship game is "League of Legends."

Why Time Warners Cable was sued for LoL

Netflix and Riot has to pay TWC, which is now called Spectrum after merging with Charter Communications, to gain faster speed for their services. Before agreeing to pay Spectrum, Riot's LOL players using Spectrum's Internet service experienced greater latency while playing the game from September 2013 to August 2015, Gemasutra reported. This supports Schneiderman's claim that Spectrum advertised connection speeds it can't support.

According to the claims, Spectrum subscribers only got 15 percent to 58 percent of the internet that was promised in their ads over wireless connection. Spectrum's advertisements falsely promote that they could provide 50, 100, 200, and 300 Mbps with hardware that could support those plans.

The 87-page document shows that Schneiderman is seeking damages for the hundreds of thousand of Spectrum subscribers. According to Schneiderman, Spectrum leased wireless routers and modems that are actually incapable of handling the internet speed it promised. The rate between the deficiency and price is inversely proportional, which means the more money customers pay, the slower speed they get.

Schneiderman demands Spectrum to come up with an accounting and "disgorge all monies" that came from its alleged illegal practices, Polygon reported. The lawsuit also asks the ISP to pay a series of civil penalty amounting from $2,000 to $5,000 for every violation they committed.

What new tips the rest of the world can learn from UK LoL players

It is important to determine before the game starts if there are any lagging in the internet speed, which is why Spectrum's fraudulent operations has a big effect on Riot's players. It is best to check the ping before joining games. This way, the player won't be the reason why his or her team got defeated.

Buying more wards is another important tip that most newbies take for granted since they think it is useless. In fact, wards can give players vision of their opponents. Other important tips include learning one champion inside out, play more ARAM, practice the last hits, learn the META (most effective tactic available), and play with as many friends possible to separate the l33ts from the noobs.


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