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Celebrities Who Campaigned On College Campus During The 2016 Elections

Nov 10, 2016 AM EST Musicians and actors are lending their celebrity status for a good cause to promote their candidate for the 2016 elections.

Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry Gets College And University Votes From Millenials Crucial To US Presidential Election

Oct 28, 2016 AM EDT Hillary Clinton is supported by Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Bon Jovi and more for her presidential campaign.

Miley Cyrus Visits George Mason University To Campaign For Clinton

Oct 24, 2016 AM EDT ‘The Voice’ judge Miley Cyrus goes to George Mason University to push for votes towards presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Miley Cyrus Judge In ‘The Voice’ Mentors For A Change In Music World

Oct 21, 2016 AM EDT Miley Cyrus speaks about music education in the form of mentoring.

Imagine Miley Cyrus Going To A Real High School If She Had The Chance

Sep 28, 2016 AM EDT Do you know what Miley Cyrus’ locker might look like if she went to school?

Summer Courses on Beyoncé And Miley Cyrus Offered at Rutgers and Skidmore

May 28, 2014 AM EDT Do any of you want to taste success like Beyonce or Miley Cyrus? Then head to the Rutgers University or Skidmore College as they are introducing courses inspired by these two pop princesses, starting ...

Miley Cyrus Thought Of Going To NYU?

Oct 09, 2013 AM EDT How hard would it be for you to imagine Miley Cyrus in a classroom, portraying the quintessential dedicated student?

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