Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry Gets College And University Votes From Millenials Crucial To US Presidential Election


Previously, Miley Cyrus knocked on the doors of George Mason University in Virginia to campaign for Hillary Clinton and to encourage voters to register their votes early. She was a former Bernie Sanders supporter.

In the same way, pop star Katy Perry also went to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, to champion Hillary Clinton's agenda.

Aside from Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, Clinton has also dispatched the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Bon Jovi to get out the vote, cites Idaho Statesman. With a host of celebrities backing her up, this increases the chances of Clinton getting the votes from the millennials today. The majority of millennials are in colleges and universities at the moment. And they are easy to reach during the school year. Which is why Hillary Clinton has asked celebrities to perform "Love Trumps Hate." It is a concert series that campaigns her agenda.

Last Thursday, singer Jon Bon Jovi featured a performance in Pittsburgh. This weekend, Jennifer Lopez will make her performance in Miami.

According to Lopez, she considers this presidential election to be the most important in the current lifetime. "I'm with her," says Lopez referring to her support for Clinton.

On Nov. 2, the National is making an appearance in Cincinnati.

And if knocking on the dorm rooms of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is not enough - On Nov. 5, Katy Perry will give a concert in Philadelphia. At the same time, Bon Joni will do the same in Tampa.

These are the singers Hillary Clinton has asked to help her aid in her cause. But these are not the only celebrities that are supporting her. She also has the endorsements of singer Demi Lovato and actress Lena Dunham.

Although celebrities have the probability and star power to influence most Americans, it is the votes coming from colleges, universities and millennials in the country that make up roughly 75 million young voters under 35 years old. It is by far the largest voting bloc in America.

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