Miley Cyrus Judge In ‘The Voice’ Mentors For A Change In Music World


Miley Cyrus is the recent addition to 'The Voice' family. And this music celebrity is not afraid to bring in the big guns. Because when it comes to mentoring, Miley Cyrus is bringing her A-game to 'The Voice.'

Known for her role as Disney's Hannah Montana and also being the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, she knows music since she was a kid. Which is why she decides to bring in her expertise when it comes to mentoring for music. As the newest judge on 'The Voice,' Miley Cyrus gives an insider's perspective when it comes to the music industry.

At a young age, she already started performing, according to Hollywood Outbreak. She may not be fighting the same way 'The Voice' contestants are fighting but she knows what it is like inside the industry. She is now responsible for mentoring aspiring artists to make a name for themselves.

She is using her music education and knowledge when it comes to music in order to help the artists on her Voice team. Currently, she is stressing the importance of the Internet to her team.

She is known to have a wrecking ball kind of life. But there was never a point that she regretted making the decisions she made. But does she ever look back and think that she could have had the chance to go to school?

Previously, UH reported that she has never set foot in a real and traditional high school. Ever since she became famous for being Hannah Montana, she was home schooled and tutored on set at 11 years old. During her younger years, she lived on a 500 acre farm and attended Heritage Elementary School before she became Hannah Montana. Once she got the gig, she enrolled herself at the Options for Youth Charter Schools. That allowed her to get a private tutor on set. It is safe to say, she "lived" on the set of Hannah Montana for years.

And even though that is the case, she makes sure that she uses her knowledge about the industry to help these inspiring artists get the future they desire.

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