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Miley Cyrus Visits George Mason University To Campaign For Clinton


Hillary Clinton holds no shortage of celebrity endorsers and supporters. She may just get the votes of young college and university students after artist Miley Cyrus decided to visit them last week.

Miley Cyrus is now a vocal campaigner for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. And over the weekend, on October 22, 2016, she surprises students at the Goerge Mason University to create awareness regarding Hillary's run for president. In the process, she hopes to get the students to vote for Clinton.

Previously, the "Wrecking Ball" singer was a former supporter of Bernie Sanders, cites US Magazine. She even went as far as going into each dormitory rooms in a college at Fairfax, Virginia to push votes towards Sander's Democratic stand.

She does the same gig, this time for Hillary. "I'm Miley," says the artist after knocking on a freshman's door. "I'm here supporting Hillary. Are you going to vote?" she asks.

Showing her patriotism and pop identity, the celebrity wears a red and silver striped dress with a fuzzy blue jacket. She may be trying to pull of an Uncle Sam persona with an over-sized blue bow tie on her chest which makes it humorous. But she is serious in getting students to vote for Clinton.

Clinton's stand on free college education is still part of her agenda and the candidate is pushing for policy makers and the school system to consider her various points and alternatives.

Why did Miley Cyrus choose Goerge Mason University? It seems that the campus is a Republican-full school, voting for presidential candidate Donald Trump. She hopes to get the state's votes by banking on its youth, its future generation.

Going room to room and asking if the students have already registered is her first introduction. "Are you voting here or are you from out of town? ... I'm from Nashville but I actually just re-registered because I'm so excited to go on the day because I want the sticker," says Cyrus.

In addition to her campaigning for the candidate, she also asks the young people of GMU to volunteer.

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