Imagine Miley Cyrus Going To A Real High School If She Had The Chance


Her life is a total wrecking ball and Miley Cyrus is proud of it. There was never a point that she regretted making the decisions she made. But does she ever look back and think that she could have had the chance to go to school?

With all the noise going on about her relationship with Liam Hemsworth, she keeps on moving on with her life. She was a child star since the beginning. She spent most of her life in entertainment and performing.

Did she ever go to school at all? According to Yahoo, she has never set foot in a real and traditional high school. Ever since she became famous for being Hannah Montana, she was home schooled and tutored on set at 11 years old. During her younger years, she lived on a 500 acre farm and attended Heritage Elementary School before she became Hannah Montana. Once she got the gig, she enrolled herself at the Options for Youth Charter Schools. That allowed her to get a private tutor on set. It is safe to say, she "lived" on the set of Hannah Montana for years.

And no, her cameo in the "High School Musical 2" movie does not count as an actual high school experience.

How about college? At one point, Miley did say she wanted to focus on her acting career. She even mentioned that she has not taken acting classes and would consider getting an acting coach. Later on, she proclaimed that she is not going to college for the time being. She said that she is a "firm believer that you can go back at any age you want."

Does she ever think about going back and dream of enrolling in high school? Maybe. But if she did, her locker might have a load of Liam Hemsworth pictures, a yoga mat and a vegan sticker. She is in fact an outright hippie and is not afraid to show a marijuana leaf in front of that locker, even.

Right now, she leads "The Voice" as one of the judges.

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