Mark Zuckerberg

Gelman Library to SPET Students: Want To Be Like Mark Zuckerberg? Here's your Lab for Coding and Software Programming

Nov 02, 2016 AM EDT Gelman STEM Lab is set to host tutoring and workshop to develop students' coding and software skills.

Mark Zuckerberg Educates World Leaders About Virtual Reality

Oct 09, 2016 PM EDT Mark Zuckerberg tells an anecdote during the recent Oculus developers conference how world leaders pass by Facebook and he had to educate them about virtual reality.

Mark Zuckerberg And Bill Gates Supports Personalized Learning, Hottest Trend In Education Today

Oct 08, 2016 AM EDT Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg support personalized learning.

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Donates $3 Billion for Disease Research: Stanford, UC Berkeley and UCSF Part of the New Chan Zuckerberg Biohub

Sep 24, 2016 AM EDT Stanford, UC Berkeley and UCSF gets $600 million for an independent facility dedicated to research and understanding diseases

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Shares Same Vision As Role Model Microsoft CEO Bill Gates

Sep 08, 2016 AM EDT Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have similar views on world domination.

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