Gelman Library to SPET Students: Want To Be Like Mark Zuckerberg? Here's your Lab for Coding and Software Programming


Perhaps many STEM students would like to help Mark Zuckerberg who is on a mission in connecting the rest of the world to this thing called the internet that many cannot live without these days.

He seeks the assistance of his colleague Ime Archibong, who is now Facebook's director for global product partnerships. His friend, Archibong is overseeing the company's efforts to expand programs for developers and entrepreneurs worldwide. This is not limited to STEM enthusiasts only, as featured on Forbes.

On the home front, Gelman Library's allocating its Lab for SPET Students to learn like Mark Zuckerberg for coding and software Programming is another initiative in a smaller but equally beneficial scale.

Math enthusiasts, science-curious and engineering minds can now have the right place to master their coding and software skills. It's called the "Quantitative and Spatial Reasoning Lab" that opens in the semester to come, according to GW Hatchet.

STEM students, according to Dean Geneva Henry of libraries and academic innovation, says that the multimedia lab will have more room for tutoring, technical consultations and programming workshops when they have moved out some of the computers away.

Henry explains that since STEM needs discipline, data must be protected in a safe but collaborative way within the lab which is exciting. Soon to be "Mark Zuckerbergs" can get immediate help from learning assistants and will be updated for upcoming seminars.

The good thing is, as Henry discloses, the University has become innovative in utilizing STEM-experienced members of their faculty and avoid additional overhead expenses. Geographic Information Systems program of the school comes handy for STEM students.

There is basically a huge demand for graduates that has computational skills. Universities know this. Gelman is not the first one to launch such initiative for STEM students. If you are interested in exploring more on coding and software developing, you must check what your school has that in store for you.

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