Jarvis AI: Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Copies ‘Iron Man’; Created An AI System To Run His Home


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg created his own Jarvis, an Artificial Intelligence System to run his home, taking cues from Tony Stark's Jarvis in "Iron Man." After spending 100 hours on Jarvis, Zuckerberg still stumbles on the same problem with AI, which is the inability to teach Jarvis to learn new skills on its own.

Zuckerberg devoted a year of his time dabbling with AI particularly in creating a Virtual Assistant to run his home, make and manage his calls, doing all sorts of things that a human assistant would normally do. Taking cues from Tony Stark's J.A.R.V.I.S or short for "Just A Rather Very Intelligent System" in "Iron Man," Zuckerberg named his AI to Jarvis too.

Although, the original Jarvis is far more sophisticated and intelligent than the Facebook founder's own Jarvis, Zuckerberg can be credited for building an intelligent system that can manage his home. Jarvis can be commanded via an iPhone app or the Facebook Messenger bot to turn on lights switches and letting guests in.

Zuckerberg revealed that the process took 100 hours teaching Jarvis to recognize his voice while enabling all the home appliances to learn to communicate with the AI, the Independent reported. This means that all appliances must be connected to the Internet, which posed another problem since every single one will follow a different protocol.

Jarvis is now connected to various home gadgets including the Samsung TV, the Sonos system, the Nest Cam and even a 1950's toaster. The vintage appliance was necessary since Zuckerberg needed a toaster where the bread can be pushed down when turned off and once turned on by Jarvis will commence toasting, Heavy has learned.

Jarvis AI is voiced by popular actor, Morgan Freeman, though Robert Downey Jr. of "Iron Man" offered his own voice to the Facebook founder with a few reasonable stipulations. However, Zuckerberg went into a different direction and many have lauded his choice, ScreenRant reported.

Zuckerberg's home automation system via Jarvis AI is not dissimilar to Google's Home device or the Amazon Echo, but it is more personalized to the specific needs of Zuckerberg and his family. Though it is just a pet project of Zuckerberg, Jarvis could open up a host of possibilities into Facebook AI technology.

The only challenge now is for the AI community to stumble on a valuable breakthrough where AI will be able to learn new skills on its won. Zuckerberg contends that an additional 1,000 hours on Jarvis will not accomplish much for the state of AI as of present is still very limited.

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