New Job Postings Hint Facebook Mind Reading Plans; Qualifications On Machine Learning and Neuroimaging Needed


Facebook recently put up new job postings for work focused on neuroimaging and machine learning methods for its mysterious "Building 8" division. This hints that the giant social media platform could be planning to delve into mind reading.

Facebook Develops Mind Reading Tech

Facebook revealed in April 2016 that it has a new division called "Building 8," which is focused on developing innovative products on software, hardware, and content. Facebook recently posted two new job positions for this mysterious division, which led to speculations that it could be creating mind-reading technologies, Daily Mail reported.

Facebook didn't comment on the suspicious job postings, but CEO Mark Zuckerberg has expressed in the past his interest in developing a telepathic communication technology that can be controlled by the brain, Business Insider reported. In 2015, Zuckerberg said he believes that people can soon be capable of sending thoughts directly to each other's mind via technology. By simply thinking of a certain thing, users can allow their friends to know about the thought too.

Job Requires Neuroimaiging, Machine Learning

The advert posted on Facebook's job site is looking for a "brain-computing interface engineer" who will be working on a Building 8 project for 2 years to develop advanced BCI technology. One of the important roles of the position is to apply machine learning methods on neuroimaging and electrophysiological data. The other job position is "neuroimaging engineer" who will develop non-invasive neuroimaging technologies.

Neuroimaging is a field in science focused on scanning the brain to find out what's going on in it and simulate it with computers. Brain mapping is already on the works in Facebook after hiring Mark Chevilet, who used to work at Johns Hopkins University as a program manager of applied neuroscience. This may take a long time to happen, but if it would, it would bring Facebook to the frontline of the convergence of science and technology.

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