Cannabis Oil Treatment: Young Girl With Rare Form Of Epilepsy Now Has Second Shot At Life [VIDEO]

Jun 13, 2017 AM EDT The seizures of the 12 year old Annalise Lujan were stopped when the doctors gave her a marijuana derivative cannabidiol (CBD). On the other hand, the 16 year old Tina McElligott who has a terminally ...

Oxford University Sets World-Class Marijuana Research Facility [Video]

Apr 25, 2017 AM EDT Medical marijuana research takes a big step at Oxford University.

University of Michigan Study Shows Rising Trends in Marijuana Use Among College Students [Video]

Apr 22, 2017 AM EDT University of Michigan Study suggests that there is just a constant increase in the first time use of marijuana among college students.

University Of Denver Offers The World's First Course On Marijuana [Video]

Apr 11, 2017 AM EDT The University of Denver becomes controversial when it announced that it will have the first-ever course on cannabis

Legalization Of Marijuana Lowers Opioid Use, Connecticut Desperate To Join Other States

Apr 06, 2017 AM EDT The rise of painkillers is overwhelming. In fact, they are being abused in the United States.

Medical Marijuana Funds College Scholarships In Colorado

Mar 27, 2017 PM EDT Every time people get "high" in Colorado, more students could go to school because marijuana taxes help fund college scholarships.

Marijuana And Alcohol Use Linked To Lower Grades, Study Confirms

Mar 11, 2017 AM EST A study has confirmed that heavy use of alcohol is linked to lower grades and poor academic performance of college students.

Marijuana Breathalyzer on the Works

Mar 08, 2017 AM EST Marijuana is sweeping the US as more and more states are on to legalizing it. But the days of cruising down the street smoking Marijuana will come to an end. Two notable start-ups have taken it their ...

Marijuana Use Among Teens Declining, Survey Says

Dec 15, 2016 AM EST An annual survey has found that marijuana usage among younger teens at an all-time low in years.

Strobe Lights And Marijuana: A Psychedelic Cure for Alzheimer's [VIDEO]

Dec 12, 2016 PM EST Two separate studies showed two unlikely possible cures for Alzheimer's - strobe lights and marijuana. If further studies showed the potency of these treatments, it would be one of the cheapest and ...

Medical Cannabis Now Legal in New Jersey Schools

Dec 02, 2016 AM EST Cannabis has recently been legalized in school campuses around New Jersey according to the Board of Education.

Marijuana Exhibit To Be Held In Oregon? U.S. State Collects Millions In Tax Revenue From Recreational Marijuana[VIDEO]

Aug 24, 2016 AM EDT Oregon State Fair to include a marijuana exhibit; Oregan has collected millions of tax payments from recreational pot.

Marijuana Legalization: Researchers and Activists As DEA Ends Mississippi's Medical Marijuana Research Monopoly[VIDEO]

Aug 22, 2016 AM EDT DEA approved "a 46-year-old policy of classifying marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic with no medicinal properties." Read the full details.

Marijuana Is A Less Harmful Than Alcohol, Study Finds; Medical Cannabis To Be Available In Florida Next Week? [VIDEO]

Jul 22, 2016 AM EDT Researchers found out that marijuana is a less harmful than alcohol. In Florida, medical cannabis will be available next week.

Marijuana Could Help Treat Pain, Depression And Anxiety, Tufts University Doctor Says - Marijuana Legalization Worldwide?

Jul 08, 2016 PM EDT A new study suggests that individuals are actually using Medical Marijuana not simply as an excuse to get high, but as a treatment for health problems.

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