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Medical Cannabis Now Legal in New Jersey Schools


After a town legislation change, students will be allowed to bring cannabis to school grounds. Cannabis was considered to be an illegal substance a few years ago. However, after several petitions and legislation changes, some states allowed the use of cannabis for medical reasons.

But it still has limitations regarding the use, such as the location and the reason. Now, American students are going to be allowed to bring cannabis to school, cites Independent. However, there is a catch. Only primary caregivers can administer the drug inside the school grounds, buses and school related events.

And this is only applicable to students from schools in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, USA. Parents and guardians of these students are now allowed to administer medical marijuana while on school property. But they must have a valid medical recommendation. And marijuana by smoking means is not allowed. Eric Koenig, Ridgefield Park's School Superintendent said that he just recently received the mandate.

This is considerably the latest development when it comes to medical cannabis. The United States is slowly adapting medical marijuana laws in certain states. Currently, there are 28 American states that allows the use of medical cannabis and four states are open to using it on school grounds. These states include Colorado, Main and Washington, aside from New Jersey.

New Jersey now follows the 2010 amended New Jersey Compassionate use Medical Marijuana Act. This act means diagnosed patients with cancer, severe nausea and glaucoma, can take medical cannabis. The act states that parents must need to submit medical requests to the principal, school nurse and superintendent for further review.

This brings the use of medical marijuana closer to a lot of patients who need them. Physicians are prescribing the use of the drug for several diseases and illnesses and there are medical studies that have found it to have beneficial effects. The schools in Ridgefield however do not have data on how many students will need to have such medical permission as of yet.

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