University Of Denver Offers The World's First Course On Marijuana [Video]


Marijuana has been legalized in many places yet it remains controversial. Thank to some medical experts who are pushing it as another treatment alternative to many diseases and disorders like Crohn's disease and cancer. It will even become more controversial as the University of Denver introduces the first-ever course on marijuana.

Paul Seaborn, a professor at the University of Denver said he first pitched the idea of tackling the economics of marijuana. The university approved it and it will be launched this year with the course title, "The Business of Marijuana," which will be the first AACB-accredited course on marijuana in the United States.

So what will this course tackle?

Seaborn said everything about marijuana - from running your own shop to the legal and political pitfalls that the cannabis industry is facing.

Offering a marijuana course sounds weird and Seaborn said that there have been a lot of skeptics since they announced that they are offering such course. However, the move made by the University of Denver makes sense since Colorado is one of the states that legalize weed.

Their hunch proved to be correct because enrollment was satisfactory with a diverse range of students coming in to take the course. One was Kristen Kidd, a mother of twoo teenagers and holds a Masters in Marketing. She said she wants to know how she can apply her master's degree in this fast-growing industry.

Another student who enrolled in the course was Matthew Comfort who dreams of becoming the CEO of a cannabis company as big as Marlboro.

Marijuana has been legalized in 26 states already with Denver and the District of Columbia two of them. More so, a new bill has been passed in Congress which allows anybody who is 21 years old above to buy and smoke pot anywhere in the United States.

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