University of Michigan Study Shows Rising Trends in Marijuana Use Among College Students [Video]


The trends have shown how daily marijuana use have increased among college aged adults over the past many years. In fact, a survey has shown that college students today are more likely to use marijuana than they have ever been in the past.

A University of Michigan study has found that the levels of the first time use of marijuana has significantly increased in the last three years, MLive reported. It means that at least one out of five college students is vulnerable to becoming a first time user.

The results of the survey are taken from Monitoring the Future study which is conducted by a team of researchers from University of Michigan, tracking the substance use among the youth for the past 36 years. The survey is conducted among students ages 19 to 22.

The study suggests that the number of first time users are not the same to the number of those who are not in college. However, the number of first time users in college are apparently higher compared to the out of college youth.

A study on the association of marijuana use and grades of college students conducted January of this year claims that the daily use has increased because of a number of reasons, according to Alternet. For one, students are possibly shifting to marijuana and away from alcohol because they do not get to suffer hangovers that they get when they drink too much alcohol. And they also do not get to experience other negative effects of the alcohol.

Nonetheless, Richard Miech, the lead author of the study, said that there was definitely a sea change in attitudes when it comes to marijuana use and college students play a huge role in new increases in the population of those who use the substance today.

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