Suffolk University Teaches Students Crowd Funding For Its Business Course

Jan 10, 2017 AM EST Suffolk University is teaching students how to fund their businesses.

‘Cryamore’ Development Almost Done, Still Coming To Wii U [VIDEO]

Nov 25, 2016 AM EST "Cryamore" development is coming to an end and NostalgiCO clarifies that it is still coming to the Wii U. They have also partnered with Atlus to publish the video game title.

‘Mars Underground’ Lets Players Relive End Of World In Loop [VIDEO]

Nov 21, 2016 AM EST New 16-bit adventure game "Mars Underground" will let players relive the end of the world over and over again. It is also developed by only one man, who is hoping to fund it with a specific amount.

Toasteroid: Smart-toaster that Prints Messages, Reminders, Weather Forecast, And Doodle [VIDEO]

Aug 15, 2016 PM EDT The trending products in the market now are smart devices ranging from smartphones, to smartwatches, to smart televisions. There is a new smart device, however that would brighten someone's day with ...

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