‘Battle Princess Madelyn’ Gets Kickstarter Goal; Physical Copies Made By Limited Run Games [VIDEO]


Casual Bit Games has finally surpassed their Kickstarter goal for their video game, "Battle Princess Madelyn." Limited Run Games also revealed that they will be making physical copies of it.

"Battle Princess Madelyn" surpasses funding goal

The game developer revealed on the official Kickstarter page of "Battle Princess Madelyn" that their video game has finally gotten full funding, and it was also surpassed. It is now funded with $44,905 and it is well on its way to final stretch goal.

The game developers thanked the people who supported them and for those who gave feedback on their Pre-Alpha Build. While waiting for the video game to be launched, they suggested that fans should check out its other stretch goals.

"Battle Princess Madelyn" tenth stretch goal

As of this moment, "Battle Princess Madelyn" has actually almost achieved all stretch goals except the tenth one, which is to add the Insanity's Blade King Mode. The game developers revealed that this will allow players to play as the King and will let them wield only the Insanity's Blade throughout it.

"Battle Princess Madelyn" physical copies

According to another post on the official Kickstarter page of "Battle Princess Madelyn," the game developers will provide exclusive Limited Edition Boxed Sets of the game for those who pledged over the last couple days. Fans can also get the Physical Making of Book and the soundtracks on vinyl, which are related to the video game. It was revealed that Limited Run Games will be distributing the physical copies of the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of the video game.

"Battle Princess Madelyn" dual soundtracks

The game developers also revealed that they will be adding a 16-Bit version of the soundtracks aside from its 8-bit version. This happened because it was a very popular choice by the fans of their old video game, "Insanity's Blade." They wanted to do something different in their latest creation as well with a twist that the game will have dual soundtracks.

Check out the "Battle Princess Madelyn" Kickstarter video below:

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