‘Cryamore’ Development Almost Done, Still Coming To Wii U [VIDEO]


"Cryamore" development is coming to an end and NostalgiCO clarifies that it is still coming to the Wii U. They have also partnered with Atlus to publish the video game title.

"Cryamore" development almost finished

According to the official Kickstarter page of "Cryamore," the development of the upcoming video game is finally coming to an end. Currently, the NostalgiCO development team is now looking to make sure that the backers of this Kickstarter project properly given their rewards when it launches. They also get an exclusive inner look and status update from them.

No plans for "Cryamore" to launch on Nintendo Switch

NostalgiCO confirmed on their latest update that they have no plans of making a Nintendo Switch version of "Cryamore." There could be a chance in the future, but it will depend on the backers who have completed the survey so that they can message the development team to add the upcoming console system.

"Cryamore" gets Atlus as publisher

According to another post on the official Kickstarter page of "Cryamore," NostalgiCO has partnered with Atlus as their publisher for this game title. This will be a collaboration to make a better beta testing for the video game, more marketing to make more known to the public, and a better distribution to the masses.

With their partnership with Atlus, it will ensure the release of the video game for this year. They have agreed that the development team will have full control of the development process. They have also agreed to change the platforms in which it will be released.

"Cryamore" basic details

"Cryamore" is an action-RPG that focuses more on exploration, deep puzzles, and a mysterious story. It is created by NostalgiCO and has 5,909 backers, who have pledged $242,309 to fund it. It currently has achieved their last stretch goal, which was about $225,000. 

Check out the "Cryamore" Kickstarter video below:

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