‘Mars Underground’ Lets Players Relive End Of World In Loop [VIDEO]


New 16-bit adventure game "Mars Underground" will let players relive the end of the world over and over again. It is also developed by only one man, who is hoping to fund it with a specific amount.

"Mars Underground" similar to the story of a famous movie

According to the official website of "Mars Underground," the game is the story of Mars's first day at a new school. The only problem was that every day was his first day at a new school, and every night, the world would end. The video game is similar to the story of a popular classic movie "Ground Hog Day," where the protagonist had to live the same day over and over again.

What you can do in "Mars Underground"

"Mars Underground" is an apocalyptic adventure game, which lets players live the same day over and over again. Players will have to attempt to solve different mysteries in the video game, and uncover different types of endings as they explore the many possibilities in this torturous time loop. They can take experimental drugs, get hit by a car, go crazy, humiliate their own self or do anything else just to solve the mystery.

"Mars Underground" features

In "Mars Underground," players can explore different possibilities of branching stories and multiple endings in an interactive fiction game. It has a sandbox-style gameplay with a combination of classic game features. Each day or in each version of the day, the world will expand as they discover new topics and get new items.

The game has an easy to grasp gameplay that can be played with mouse, keyboard, controller, or a touch input. They can also talk with the residents in the game, learn their secrets, and engage in different conversations.

"Mars Underground" specific funding needed

According to the official Kickstarter page of "Mars Underground," game developer Matt Sanderson wants a specific amount of $2,300 for funding the game. He is hoping that the game will be pledged by Dec. 31.

Check out the "Mars Underground" first look video below:

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