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Google Pixel Audio Issue: Users Complain to Forums over Terrible Quality and This is The Unexpected Fix

Dec 22, 2016 AM EST The fix is reportedly on its way but it has nothing to do with the device's hardware.

Google Pixel Phone Review: Disadvantages Become More Visible; Google Might Bring Back the Nexus Phones in 2017? [RUMORS]

Dec 15, 2016 AM EST Google Pixel phones captured the interest of the Android lovers as well as the iOS loyal fans that eventually lead the phone to winning the title of being the “Best Android Phones of 2016”. ...

Google Pixel Phone Review: Still the Best Smartphone Despite Boring Design; Google Hints Another Pixel Phones for 2017? [RUMORS]

Nov 28, 2016 AM EST One month after its most talked about launching, Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones still remain the best smartphone to date, surpassing all the rival phones of 2016 despite its boring design. For this ...

The Google Pixel Phone May Be Every IT Major's Dream Phone

Oct 20, 2016 AM EDT IT majors can benefit from Google Pixel phone's rootability and unlocked bootloader.

Google Pixel Phone Vs. iPhone 7: Which One Is Best For Students?

Oct 18, 2016 AM EDT Can you guess whether the Google Pixel phone or Apple's iPhone 7 is the best for students?

Google Pixel: Should You Upgrade Your Nexus 6P? Here's Head-to-Head Comparison to Tell What's Really Different

Oct 07, 2016 AM EDT The biggest change happening on Google's smartphone would be the rebranding from Nexus to Pixel. How does Google Pixel compare to Nexus 6P?

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