Google Pixel Audio Issue: Users Complain to Forums over Terrible Quality and This is The Unexpected Fix


There have been numerous reports on Google Pixel audio issue as several users complained over the cranky sound it produced when the volume's turned up at the highest level. The fix is reportedly on its way but it has nothing to do with the device's hardware.

Google Pixel audio issue has reached community forums

Users brought to attention the terrible audio quality in Pixel phone when the handset's volume is turned up the highest, PhoneArena reported.

Mark Buckman, a Reddit user, posted a video demoing how the sound quality turns bad when playing Piano app on his Pixel phone. Based on the his notes, the issue affects only when audio is played through the phone's internal and external speakers.

Google Pixel audio issue is a software issue

The Pixel team has been investigating the issue and promise to update the community with 'meaningful info' according to Express. Google is reportedly working on the Pixel audio issue and planning to roll out software fixes soon.

While Pixel users are waiting for any good news from Google, a few of them have reportedly solved the matter with WETA ROM. The modified ROM has proven to fix the Pixel audio issue but users have to root their Pixel devices and install TWRP recovery before installing WETA.

If the mod procedure seems to be too technical to perform, users can also opt for a more traditional solution by avoiding apps that could distort audio and keep the volume at moderate level until Google announces software update. Users are also encouraged to visit developers threads for any bug reports and fixes.

Check out Google Pixel audio issue in the video below!

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