The Google Pixel Phone May Be Every IT Major's Dream Phone


The Google Pixel phone has definitely caught the attention of many since it's the first device ever made by the search engine giant. The phone is believed to go head-to-head with Apple's iPhone 7.

Wonder How-To reported that Google has confirmed that Pixel users who purchase the phone from the Google store will be able to root their devices. Moreover, phones bought from the Google store will also ship with an unlockable bootloader. It was revealed, though, that Google Pixel phones bought from other sources such as Verizon may have locked bootloaders.

The publication noted that an unlockable bootloader will allow users to install a custom recovery on their devices just by running a few ADB commands. This, in turn, will make the Google Pixel phone easily rootable.

Tools such as the CF Auto Root require an unlocked bootloader to be able to function. These tools would need to be updated for compatibility with the new Google Pixel phones.

This is good news for those who enjoy tinkering with their phones, like IT majors. One benefit of rooting is that it opens up the phone for more functions.

Being rooted, though, will mean that users cannot apply regular OTA updates. "Rooting involves modifying partitions on the phone. If the partitions are modified the OTA will fail to apply," Google spokesperson Iska Saric said.

It was added that the Google Pixel lineup has shown a shift in the company's overall strategy with Android. However, users, such as IT majors, should be glad to see that rooting, which has become an Android staple, is here to stay.

According to Tech Times, some believe that the Android developer community would be able to eventually find a work-around on not being able to enjoy the seamless update with Android Nougat. It is expected that a solution would surface in just a matter of time.

The Google Pixel phone is said to have the best camera ever and unlimited storage for videos and photos. It is claimed to have a smarter assistant which understands conversations.

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