Google Pixel Phone Review: Disadvantages Become More Visible; Google Might Bring Back the Nexus Phones in 2017? [RUMORS]


Google Pixel phones captured the interest of the Android lovers as well as the iOS loyal fans that eventually lead the phone to winning the title of being the "Best Android Phones of 2016". However, despite that fact, apparent disadvantages of the phone have become more visible as the day passes by. Will Google bring back the Nexus phone lineup again in 2017?

Google Pixel Phone Review

The smallest variant of Google's newest smartphone is named Pixel which was once hailed as one of the top-tier phones of 2016 months after its release. In fact, the phone has been considered as the closest rival of the high-calibrated Apple iPhone 7.

However, despite having great specs and amazing features, reviewers and users do always have to say when it comes to the drawbacks of the phone's functionality. Some of these issues usually concern the physical design and under the hood specs of Google Pixel phone.

One of the biggest complaints if the user so far is the connectivity issues on frequency band 4 of Google Pixel phone LTE according to Gadgets NDTV. Google has been quick in implementing actions to solve the issue through the rolling out of Android 7.1 Nougat which reportedly carries general connectivity improvements.

Furthermore, users also complain about Google Pixel's lack of micro SD card slot which prevented them from internal storage expansion. The phone's short battery life also concerns the users as well as the lack of wireless charging.

Having mentioned those disadvantages, Google is rumored to have regrets in replacing the well-loved Nexus phones like Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. The search giant is also rumored to have been thinking of bringing back the Nexus phones but this remains unconfirmed.

Google Pixel Phone Available in T-Mobile

It can be recalled that Google has partnered with the US carrier Verizon for the exclusive distribution of Google Pixel phone. However, the said partnership has reportedly been lifted, having T-Mobile inserted in the picture according to Digital Trends.

For this reason, T-Mobile is expected to offer Google Pixel phone to customers who sign-up for the promotion in the amount of $325. Under T-Mobile contract, Google Pixel phone will support VoLTE, HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling. 

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