Google Pixel Phone Review: Still the Best Smartphone Despite Boring Design; Google Hints Another Pixel Phones for 2017? [RUMORS]


One month after its most talked about launching, Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones still remain the best smartphone to date, surpassing all the rival phones of 2016 despite its boring design. For this reason, netizens started to speculate that the search giant might be working with another Pixel phones in 2017. Read more details here!

Google Pixel Phones: The Best Smartphone of 2016 (Review)

Despite Google Pixel phones reported weaknesses such as boring design, high price and non-water resistance, the search giant's device still remains one of the best smartphone in 2016, according to Techno Buffalo. The popularity and positive feedbacks elicited from its users have eventually led to the discontinuation of Nexus 6P.             

So what makes Google Pixel phones very desirable amidst its blandness, boring looks and lacks of wireless charging? As added by the same publication, aside from the attachment that will grow between the phone and its users, Google Pixel phone's battery life and awesome camera specs will make the digital experience more excellent and worth the price.

Aside from the phone's outstanding camera with unlimited cloud storage to Google Photos, Google Assistant is one of the features of Google Pixel phones that somehow became its selling advantage over rival devices. Although mainstream review would say that Google Assistant is uninspiring software, some users would consider the AI as useful on daily tasks.

Google Pixel Phones are offered by Verizon for a very affordable price during the Black Friday season. According to Android Police, Google Pixel cost reduced to $239.99 and Google Pixel XL has a discounted price tag of $359.99.

Rumor: Google Pixel Phones Successors in 2017

Due to the highly successful launching and returns on sales of Google Pixel Phones, the search engine is expected to deliver its successors in the last quarter of 2017. These phones are anticipated to address the current issues on Google Pixel phones such as software and hardware integration in which according to Gadgets NDTV is a total failure. 

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