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Google’s Virtual Reality Tool Allows Bilborough College Students To Go On Fieldtrips

Jan 25, 2017 AM EST Virtual reality field trips enabled college students to visit the moon.

Travel: A Most Valuable Educational Tool In 2017

Dec 24, 2016 AM EST In 2017, travel is going to be the most valuable form of education.

Learn Surgery Through A New Surgical Training App And Video Game

Oct 10, 2016 AM EDT Level EX uses video games and medicine in a new surgical app.

Minecraft Maps And Game Modes As A Tool For Education?

Oct 08, 2016 AM EDT Find out how Minecraft is used in the education world.

Reasons Why Minecraft Should Be Used As An Educational Tool

Oct 08, 2016 AM EDT Take a look at how Minecrafters everywhere can utilize the game as a tool for learning.

Pokemon Go Augmented And Virtual Reality Being Used As Learning Tool?

Oct 08, 2016 AM EDT The Pokemon Go effect is a means to an educational system.

Macbook Pro 2016 Or The New Dell Latitude 11 As A College Laptop?

Oct 08, 2016 AM EDT Are you thinking of getting a Dell Latitude 11 rather than a Macbook Pro? Hear what the experts have to say.

Mark Zuckerberg And Bill Gates Supports Personalized Learning, Hottest Trend In Education Today

Oct 08, 2016 AM EDT Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg support personalized learning.

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