Pokemon Go Augmented And Virtual Reality Being Used As Learning Tool?


Pokemon Go may be different from Minecraft. But the game is now being looked at as a means to become an educational and learning tool. Now that the game is potentially moving to an augmented and virtual reality platform, councils are most likely going to turn this obsession into a tool and resource.

Pokemon Go's user base had 45 million users when it started. Most of them, students and kids that are already obsessed with the game of hunting and collecting. But what made Pokemon Go special is the fact that it combined augmented reality and gaming.

So how are councils using the Pokemon Go effect? According to the Training Journal, both augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) are potential technologies. It can be used in education, and even training to improve "visitor experiences".

Claudette Jones, the City of Edinburgh Council's chief information officer says VR can enhance tourism of the Edinburgh Castle by taking them on a virtual education tour that are closed to the public. It is even beneficial for those who cannot access the place, especially those in wheelchairs. AR can act as a personal guide and teacher. AR can direct the user to interest points or locations.

These and more ideas area already being put into action. It is a means to access information for educational and information purposes.

However, Stephen Morgan, co-founder of digital transformation business Squiz, says that councils should be on guard about jumping on the Pokemon Go bandwagon. "Although they are not new technologies, implementing AR and VR is still an expensive investment to make and maintain, and if citizens aren't calling for such technologies they will soon become redundant," he says.

Which means further studies are to be done before full implementation or else someone is going to suffer the burden of a huge bill. To date, no reliable solution has yet been acknowledged. However, it is being looked into since tech is an investment especially in today's world.

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