Google’s Virtual Reality Tool Allows Bilborough College Students To Go On Fieldtrips


Going on a field trip is an exciting part of any school life. It can be an educational and wonderful experience. However, not a lot of schools or students have the luxury to travel. It is a good thing that virtual reality is a technology now made available.

Students from Bilborough College at Nottingham gets to travel around the world and even stopped by the moon because of this new classroom tool. This is considered to be an educational trip of a lifetime because of Google Expeditions, as reported by Nottingham Post. Students are now able to explore everything and everywhere. They can even visit the human body or take a peek at Buckingham Palace.

Through the use of Google's cardboard viewers and phones, the students are able to visit their destination. The teacher has a tablet with an app that can select the location and can guide the class. Inside the "field trip," a 3D image is being broadcast, as reported by Bilborough College.

These college students were able to travel the circulatory system in the human body. And the students are delighted to use this new learning tool. Virtual reality enabled them to learn through the use of an interactive environment and they find it useful for their subjects and degrees.

Aside from life sciences, computer science students also see the benefits of virtual reality. They are able to see fiber network construction.

Google's commitment for education using Google Expeditions will help reach UK's goal to reach one million students through the programme. CEO Sundar Pichaj (Google) and Sim Holland, the head of geography at Bilborough College, partnered up for this program as part of their broader commitment.

The virtual reality headsets are affordable and the app is free. Which is why students are able to experience field trips from a wide array of subjects that are beneficial to their learning experiences.

Watch the video below for more details about Google Expeditions:

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