Reasons Why Minecraft Should Be Used As An Educational Tool


You may have heard of Minecraft. Players everywhere are obsessed at the goal of building a map. While it does not make sense for most people, many users actually realize that it can be used as an educational tool.

But first! What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a sandbox video game that enables players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D environment.

Players can also explore the 3D world, gather resource, craft and combat other players. Minecraft is a game with multiple gameplays and it even has a survival mode where players must acquire resources to build the world while maintaining health. And for the imaginative ones, a creative mode is also available. And for those who just want to observe, a spectator mode is available for users who want to fly around and play with creations.

So why should educators and teachers consider Minecraft as a tool for learning? Here are the reasons why.

1. Minecraft lets users build, collaborate and imagine a world, cites Ed Surge.

2. Minecraft is not limited to just the platform. It partners with LEGO and other platforms to encourage kinds to build and get creative.

3. Kids are actually teaching other kids to make a game inside the game. There was a student panel at the MINECON 2016 that had kids talking about their experiences and showing videos of their builds.

4. Users are not just building blocks but also underwater environs, replicas of objects and even a biome.

5. It encourages users to build something better or become artistic. Even Youtube is in on the craze where the video site is connecting users to videos where Minecraft can bridge the gap between life inside school and life outside school. And this can be used inside the classroom too!

6. New Minecraft developments keeps users engaged especially with a new "classroom mode."

7. Microsoft's Minecraft: Education Edition is coming this November 1 and it aims to be used in schools. It has chalkboards, portfolios and that classroom mode mentioned above.

This is a great way to make an environment for kids that can do something familiar and fun.

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