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Travel: A Most Valuable Educational Tool In 2017


There are many ways to learn something new. A lot of things can be learned from a book, a class or even through different media. But some consider travel to be an educational tool as well.

According to Ginny Copestake, a global editor on Six-Two, travel is going to be the most valuable form of education. Before the year end, Copestake recalls the events of 2016. She has witnessed Brexit happen, she has seen the devastating effects of war and other natural disasters in the various parts of the world.

But amidst all the negative things going on, Ginny Copestake says that education is the only way to combat the feeling of powerlessness and listlessness, as reported by The Huffington Post. But the editor was not talking about going to a college, school or university. She is talking about the education of travel.

Going out there and experiencing the world is a great way to teach a person that there are positive things in the planet as well, says Copestake. She stresses that travel makes everyone realize that being in an unfamiliar place is the key to understanding. She uses religion as an example. Immersing one's self in a new culture where religion is unfamiliar can educate the person regarding the different practices, beliefs, daily life and problems of the place. For her, this is one way to combat Islamophobia.

All the problems and fears Copestake has witnessed leads her to the belief that travel is the solution to educating one's self. When people step out of their comfort zones, their eyes are opened to what is really going on. Western society may steam troubles of money, clothes, houses but the world breeds more than that.

In Ginny Copestake's The Travel Project, travel is the only way to avoid prejudice and narrow mindedness. For this hopeful person, travel can teach a lot more compared to books.

Want more reasons to travel? Check out the video below!

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