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Community Colleges Offer More Support To International Students

Nov 04, 2016 AM EDT More international students are enrolling at community colleges.

Diversity in Education: Issues In The College Admission Process

Oct 31, 2016 PM EDT Admission offices still are reluctant in acknowledging race as a factor in their process of evaluation.

Certain Halloween Costumes Prohibited In Brock University

Oct 28, 2016 AM EDT Brock University issues a costume protocol on campus.

People Of Color Should Go To College, According To Quora

Oct 24, 2016 AM EDT A question on Quora asks: Why should people of color go to college?

New York City Schools Championing Diversity Initiative For Policy Integration

Oct 22, 2016 AM EDT A New York City school program is gaining momentum in diversity policies.

Gender Diversity: Education Counters Backlash In Inequality

Oct 11, 2016 AM EDT Look at gender diversity at work by using education to tackle the backlash.

UM Student Registers His Preferred Pronoun As 'His Majesty'

Oct 06, 2016 AM EDT A University of Michigan student registered an interesting preferred pronoun.

WSJ Reveals Which Schools Have The Most Diversity

Sep 30, 2016 AM EDT Public, urban schools may not have placed in the top overall rankings but they are leaders in campus diversity.

University Of Michigan Gives Students Freedom To Choose Their 'Preferred Pronouns'

Sep 29, 2016 AM EDT The University of Michigan is continuing its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in its campus.

Free Speech, Diversity and Inclusion in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Sep 21, 2016 AM EDT Chancellor Ronnie Green asked members of the university community to be mindful of UNL’s core values of diversity and inclusion

Purdue University Sets Up In-Depth Black Lives Matter Discussion

Sep 15, 2016 AM EDT Purdue University hopes that this will spark students' discussion on diversity and inclusion.

Oklahoma University Fails to Promote Diversity as Students Tweet #yOUrbad

Sep 13, 2016 PM EDT Oklahoma University angers students with fake its diversity and inclusion.

Four Career Lessons From Matt Damon: Surviving ‘The Martian’

Sep 01, 2016 AM EDT It takes an astronaut like Matt Damon to survive Mars.

Florida Institute of Technology: Ranked Number One, Most International University With The Highest Population Of Foreign Students

Jul 30, 2016 AM EDT They respect and allow their students to exercise and share their culture and lifestyle, reason why Florida Institute of Technology ranked number one as the most international university.

High Levels of Genetic Diversity in Immune System of Giant Panda Helps Them Coping with Changing Environment

Oct 23, 2013 AM EDT Panda’s immune system is stronger than previously believed making them more accustomed to climatic and environmental changes than other endangered animals, according to a new study conducted by ...

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