Certain Halloween Costumes Prohibited In Brock University


A university in Ontario is already making sure that this Halloween 2016 is going to be a clean and non-offensive one. Brock University has released guidelines on what kind of costumes are allowed and not allowed on campus during Halloween.

This year, Brock University has sent out a list of prohibited Halloween costumes. The list includes ankle-length robes that is usually worn by Arab men. Japanese inspired Geisha costumes and make-ups are also not allowed. Any costume that includes the confederate flag is prohibited. And costumes that portray Caitlyn Jenner is not allowed, cites Toronto Sun.

The guidelines were created by the student union. The costume protocol considers the traditional or religious views, too. This event was prompted after an event two years ago spurred concerns. A group of students were dressed in blackface as the Jamaican bobsled team.

Students at Brock University have been informed that if they are not allowed entry in the campus because of their costume at the time, they will be escorted to an area so they can change. They may also be asked to remove any offending items on them.

Brock University is just one of the many schools that are using political correctness in the campus. Last year, Yale University sent out an e-mail memo regarding inappropriate costumes during Halloween. For Yale, it is to ensure that the students exercise "self censure through social norming." Even University of Florida issued a memo that they can submit a "bias incident report" and seek counselling if they encounter an offensive costume.

Last week, Brock University encourages their students to follow the set guidelines. They also congratulated the student union's efforts to create awareness about social norms when it comes to Halloween and the costumes being presented. Brock University prides itself as a community of different religions, cultures and orientations. The school hopes to set the standard for the campus and its students regarding self-censure.

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