New York City Schools Championing Diversity Initiative For Policy Integration


Diversity is a critical factor when it comes to schools. And diversity does not only include race or gender, but also the financial status of an individual Which is why schools in New York City are recognizing the need for diversity initiatives.

Last year, seven elementary schools in New York City changed their admission policies to include disadvantaged students. Including these students allowed priority for a certain number of seats.

Now, New York City is calling on all schools to create a similar admission proposal. NY Times has it that there are twelve additional schools that will be joining the program. These twelve schools will initiate their won admission priorities.

Seat priorities include, for example, a free or reduced price lunch, seats for learning English or even child welfare system.

Schools from the elementary, middle and high school categories are answering the call to action.

Charrette School and East Side School for Social Action are two elementary schools that are looking into admitting zoned students. The East Village Community School admits students by lottery. This school prioritizes students living in District 1 and will be giving priority to half of its prekindergarten and kindergarten seats who quality for a free or reduced price lunch and English classes.

Another school in Brookly, The New American Academy, is accommodating 40% of its seats for the same lunch and English priorities. In Manhattan, the Central Park East High School is assigning 64% of its seats for free lunch. Its principal, Bennett Lieberman states that diversity is important in the school and he plans to maintain its current level of diversity.

The other schools that will create admissions priorities for disadvantaged students are the Children's Workshop School, Brooklyn School of Inquiry, East Side Middle School, Math & Science Exploratory School, Middle School 839 and Harvest Collegiate High School.

The community is looking for more changes to more schools in order for disadvantaged students to join.

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