University Of Louisville To Hire A More 'Diverse Faculty'


The University of Louisville has allocated $2.4 million as budget to hire a "diverse faculty." It was noted that the same institution faced backlash last year for seeking a physics professor who was not white or Asian.

"The Department of Physics and Astronomy announces a tenure-track assistant professor position that will be filled by an African-American, Hispanic American or a Native American Indian [sic]," the school's former ad read.

The College Fix reported that campus leaders sent a memo to the university community last month about its hiring plans. It has a "new program to support diverse faculty hires."

"When fully implemented, an allocation of $2,430,000 will support the hiring of new diverse faculty over five years," the university said in a statement. "The program will be initiated in AY 2016-17 and guidelines for applying for the funds have been completed."

It was noted that the university president has already appointed a Diversity Steering Committee. It included representatives from the Faculty, Staff, Student Senates, Council of Academic Officers, Commission on Diversity and Racial Equality (CODRE) as well as the Commission on the Status of Women (COSW), among others.

The workgroups will be tasked to increase the number of faculty of color. They are also responsible for scholarships for Hispanic/Latino students, an Identity Center for diversity units and even the removal of the Confederate Statue.

University of Louisville spokesperson John Karman told The College Fix that non-minority professors are still welcome in the school. "Overlooking qualified non-minority professors to meet that goal is not part of our strategy," he said.

The school has already filled in two new Program Coordinator positions in the Culture Center. Nora Diaz Atkins will be the head of Hispanic and Latino initiatives while Dominique McShan will lead the multicultural student organizations.

$50,000 will also be allocated annually to fund scholarships for all students. Eligible students include diverse members of the Hispanic/Latino communities as well as those who grew up in Spanish-speaking environments.

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