Millennial Writes President-Elect Donald J. Trump: 'See My Fears, Listen to My Hopes '


Last week's presidential elections put an end to one of the most divisive elections the United States had seen in the last few years. The world held its breath as everyone waited for the results of last Tuesday's polls and most of us were caught by surprise when it came.

President-elect Donald Trump's victory was received with even more controversy and unrest. Some people took to the streets their dismay, some blamed the Electoral College and some blatantly challenged the legitimacy of Mr. Trump's victory. University students' requested for suspension of classes and in some cities, violence erupted.

In the middle of it all, a letter addressed to the in-coming president appeared in the Huffington Post last Saturday. The letter written by a millennial summarizes key issues that are making a great number of Americans wary of their future under the coming administration.

The letter, written by an educator and nonprofit leader Joseph Amodeo was honest and expresses the sentiments shared by many. It also lays down a Joseph's expectation and commitment to his country.

Our status is unclear

Mr. Amodeo, a grandson of an Italian migrant, wrote in his letter that he is gay. These are 2 reasons that he is uncertain of his fate in the country that he calls home. President-elect Trump's position on LGBTQ rights as well as his views on immigration, in Mr. Amodeo's opinion poses a threat to those whom he hold dear and many others just like him.

He appeals that the President recognizes legislation from Supreme Court decisions on landmark cases and respect jurisprudence that sprang from them. If the president-elect actively works to reverse these decisions and reverse legal decisions that have been basis for laws that recognized and granted rights to the LGBTQs, it will jeopardize the very foundations of American democracy.

Further, Mr. Amodeo urged the incoming president to get to know members of the LGBTQ to understand their plight and how they better contribute to the economy and society as a whole.

Equality and diversity

An advocate for persons with disabilities, Joseph also appealed that the new government look into programs that will develop PWDs and promote and advance their interests so that they have the opportunity to develop their abilities fully and maximize their potentials.

Mr. Amodeo also hopes that the new president will work to promote equality in the workplace and champion the rights of women and support "equal pay for equal work" to promote innovation and productivity.

Joseph asked that the president-elect prioritize diversity and promote unity for all Americans regardless of their race, ethnicity and faith. Noting that the police treat people of color better and that communities should rally to develop a culture of understanding instead of threading the waters out of fear.

Only you are elected as president

Finally, he vowed to continue to fight for the things he believe in urges the president -elect to take on the task of mending a very broken and divided America and use his new position and power to lead the people into healing.

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