‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7: Paul Kaye’s Insecurity ‘Googled How To Act’ Before First Day as Thoros of Myr [Video]

Oct 31, 2016 AM EDT Game of Thrones actor Paul Kaye being in the biggest show on television felt nervous before his first day as Thronos of Myr. It got him to a point where he couldn’t sleep and in a state of panic ...

Effects Of Bullying Can Still Haunt Students Even In College

Oct 27, 2016 AM EDT Victims of bullying are still haunted by its effects even during their college years.

Suicide Prevention: Strong Alcohol Policies To Help Prevent Suicide, Early Detection, Diagnosis, and Depression Treatment

Sep 13, 2016 PM EDT Suicide is preventable, according to World Health Organization. Read the full report.

How To Help Students With Anxiety Transition To College

Aug 30, 2016 AM EDT The transition to college can be scary. Here's how parents can help.

Mental Health Risk, University Students Financial Difficulty A Big Threat To Health

Aug 10, 2016 AM EDT Financial difficulty may cause a serious health problem if not properly managed.

Most Antidepressants Are Not Effective, Only Fluoxetine-Prozac Works?

Jun 28, 2016 PM EDT Most antidepressants are not effective for teenagers and children, but the only brand name Prozac.

‘Anxiety On Children, Attention Needed’ Children’s Anxiety May Have Been Underestimated

Jun 17, 2016 AM EDT Anxiety, a form of stress as physicians define seems to be a normal part of life. But attention may be needed to some form of anxiety on children.

Study Found Doctors Prescribe Antidepressants Not Just for Depression; Is it Dangerous?

May 27, 2016 AM EDT A study found that doctors prescribe antidepressants to patients with symptom barely related to depression.

Mental Health Care: Anxiety, Depression Costs $1 Trillion Yearly, WHO Study Says

Apr 16, 2016 AM EDT A new World Health Organization study says that better mental health care services is better for the economy.

Talk Therapy More Effective Against Social Anxiety Disorder, Study

Sep 27, 2014 AM EDT Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treats social anxiety disorder more effectively than antidepressants, according to a John Hopkins University study.

Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Effective in Teating Health Anxiety, Study

Aug 16, 2014 AM EDT Online cognitive behaviour therapy is more effective in treating health anxiety than active psychological treatments involving relaxation and stress management therapies, according to a new study by ...

Cannabis Ingredient Causes Paranoia, Study

Jul 18, 2014 AM EDT THC (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol), active psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, can cause short-term paranoia, according to a new study by the Oxford University.

Certain Scents Make Customers Anxious and Claustrophobic, Study

Jun 04, 2014 AM EDT Concordia University researchers have identified reasons behind some people's claustrophobic and/or anxiety feelings in open, minimally-stocked retail stores.

Want To Sleep Peacefully? Quit Smoking, Study

Jan 03, 2014 AM EST A University of Rochester study has found that smokers can have a good night's sleep just by giving up the habit.

Hangover Impairs Brain Function, Study

Aug 01, 2013 AM EDT Apart from causing dizziness, nausea, anxiety and headaches, Hangovers impair brain function, affecting one's ability to think clearly, according to a study conducted by researchers at the Keele ...

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