Mental Health Risk, University Students Financial Difficulty A Big Threat To Health


It may seem just an external concern but financial difficulty is one of the main factors causing serious mental health problems to college students.

A research conducted by the University of Southampton and Solent NHS Trust proved the link between the mental health conditions among college students and the financial struggles that they are going through.

Students who are failing to pay their bills showed more symptoms of alcohol dependence and anxiety. As time goes by and as they continue to face the same struggles, the symptoms of both anxiety and alcohol dependence worsens.

What's alarming over this matter is that it is creating a form of a cycle of defeat over the lives of the students. Alcohol dependent and anxious students were known to be undergoing financial difficulties.

Depression, on the other hand, is another risk students will be facing of their financial difficulties will not be managed early on.

Too much worry causes chemicals imbalance in the brains thereby making it function ineffectively. It may differ from student to student depending on the level of their maturity and capacity to handle situations.

Suicide is one and probably the worst case scenario. Being the second leading death causes among college students, its signs and symptoms should be immediately addressed and handled well. The sudden change of personality and behavior, avoiding friends and social activities and showing hints about suicidal thought are just some of the signs that may need immediate attention or counseling, The Best Colleges reported.

Dr. Thomas Richardson, a University of Southampton and Principal Clinical Psychologist at Solent NHS Trust a visiting academic said that it is important to be able to address this concern and be able to come up with a solution. It may not be on knowing and providing how much the students need but at least be able to manage their worries over finances and make them aware of the possible effect of worrying about their health, The Medical Net reported.

This video shows some of the possible outcomes of mishandled financial difficulty.

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